Prince Group Team

Principal Investigator:

Sharon Prince, PhD

Professor in Cell Biology

Head of Division of Cell Biology

Department of Human Biology

Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Cape Town

Room 6.05.1, Level 6, Anatomy Building

Anzio Road, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925

Telephone: +27-21-406 6240 (office) +27-21-406 6225 (laboratory)

Staff scientist

Dr Jade Peres

Postdoctoral scholars:

Dr Hapiloe Maranyane

Dr Suparna Chakraborty

Dr Arul Jothi

Dr Supratim Biswas

Graduate students:


Ms Ana Popovic 

Ms Jenna Bleloch

Ms Alexis Neumann 

Ms Rehana Omar

Mr Mohsin Khan 

Ms Victoria Damerell 

Mr Thato Medupe

Mr Mihlali Mlaza

Mr Abid Ali



Ms Stephanie Ncube

Ms Lilhe Moyakhe 

Mr Luqmaan Mohamed

Mr Athi Welsh (co-supervised with A/Prof Greg Smith)

Ms Michelle du Toit 

Mr Saif Khan 


Visiting Students/Interns

Ms Humaira Lambarey (NRF Intern April 2017 to present)

Lab Alumni:

Research Officer

Dr Amaal Abrahams January 2012-December 2013


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Shaheen Mowla 2006-2009

Dr James Smith 2009-2010

Dr Emily Davis 2010

Dr Amaal Abrahams 2009-2011

Dr Wendy Kröger 2010-2012

Dr Deeya Ballim 2012- May 2015

Dr Jade Peres 2013-2016

Dr Tarryn Willmer 2016-2017

Dr Lawrence Mabasa 2016-2017

Dr Serah Kimani 2014-2017



Dr Huajian Teng 2004-2007

Dr Amaal Abrahams MSc 2003-2004, upgraded to PhD 2005 and graduated 2007

Dr Emily Davis 2005-2009

Dr Reyna Deeya Ballim MSc 2006-2007, upgraded to PhD 2008 and graduated 2011

Dr Aisha Pandor (Co-supervised with Prof Raj Ramesar) MSc 2007-2008, upgraded to PhD 2009 and graduated June 2012.

Dr Jade Peres MSc 2008-2009, upgraded to PhD 2010 and graduated June 2013.

Dr Sabina Wansleben MSc 2008-2009, upgraded to PhD 2010 graduated in December 2013.

Dr Saeb Aliwani 2011-2013, graduated in June 2014.

Dr Jarod Li MSc 2009-2011, upgraded to PhD 2011 graduated in December 2014.

Dr Nancy Laguette (co-supervised with Prof Malcolm Collins) MSc 2009-2010, upgraded to PhD 2011, graduated in June 2015

Dr Tarryn Willmer 2012-2015, graduated in December 2015.

Dr Aretha Cooper MSc 2010-2011, upgraded to PhD 2012, graduated in June 2016.

Dr Melissa Nel (co-supervised with Prof J. Heckmann) MSc 2012 – 2014, upgraded to PhD 2015, graduated in December 2016.



Ms Henriette Uwimpuhwe (Co-supervised with Drs Heckmann and Ballo), graduated with distinction in 2009.

Mr Yoonus Abrahams (co-supervised with Prof M. Collins) graduated December 2013.

Ms Jennifer Auret (co-supervised with Prof J. Heckmann) graduated December 2013.

Ms Shannagh Hare graduated with distinction 2013.

Ms Danica Smuts graduated with distinction 2016.

Ms Joy-Mari Buys graduated with distinction 2016 (co-supervised with Prof Jeannine Heckmann)

Mr George Cooper graduated July 2017 (co-supervised with Prof A. Katz).

Dr Ikponmwosa Irene graduated with distinction July 2017

Mr Irwin Cassells graduated with distinction July 2017 (co-supervised with A/Profs G Smith and AT Hutton, Chemistry UCT)

Ms Brittany-Amber Jacobs December 2018



Ms Amaal Abrahams graduated with a first class December 2002

Ms Dheshnie Govender (co-supervised with Prof S.H. Kidson) graduated 2003

Ms Deeya Ballim graduated with a first class December 2004

Ms Kupela Clarke (co-supervised with A. Katz) graduated 2006

Ms Tepa Nkumbula (co-supervised with S.H. Kidson) graduated 2006

Ms Romaney Pinnock graduated with a first class December 2007

Ms Nancy Laguette (co-supervised with Prof Malcolm Collins) graduated 2008

Mr Viwayak Bhardway (co-supervised with Prof A. Katz) graduated 2008

Mr Yoonus Abrahams (co-supervised with Prof Malcolm Collins) graduated 2010

Ms Jennifer Auret (co-supervised with Prof Jeannine Heckmann) graduated 2010

Ms Shannagh Hare graduated with a first class December 2011

Ms Claudia Lewis graduated with a first class in December 2013

Ms Courtnee Clarke (co-supervised with Prof Malcolm Collins) December 2013

Ms Jenna Bleloch graduated with a first class December 2014

Mr Minkyu Lee graduated with a first class December 2014

Ms Danica Smuts graduated with a first class December 2014

Ms Joy-Mari Buys (co-supervised with Prof Jeannine Heckmann) graduated 2014

Ms Nawaal Luke (co-supervised with Prof M. Collins) graduated 2015

Ms Alexandra Glover graduated with a first class in 2016

Ms Kate Ross-Stewart  graduated with a first class in 2016

Ms Shannon Smyly graduated with a first class in 2016

Ms Natasha Vangreunen graduated in 2016 (co-supervised with Prof J. Heckmann).

Ms Stephanie Ncube graduated in 2016 (co-supervised with Prof Malcolm Collins).

Ms Brittany Amber Jacobs graduated with a first class in 2016 (co-supervised with Dr Katie Smith).


Visiting Students/Interns

Mr Yoonus Abrahams (NRF intern) 2nd May 2013-30th April 2014

Ms Melanie Oesterle (student from Germany -practical training) August 2013-January 2014

Ms Marie-Sophie Bittner (student from Germany -practical training) September 2012-March 2013

Ms Eliza Mari Maliepaard (MSc student – Radboudumc, Netherlands) 6th January to 30th September 2015

Mr M.K. Harishankar (PhD student – SRM University, India) 15 February to 14th August 2015

Ms Ania Szmyd-Potapczuk (PhD student – University of the Western Cape) January 2014-2015

Ms Tanja Davis (PhD student – University Stellenbosch) December 2014-2015

Ms Asanda Matsheku (Hons student – University of Cape Town/ University of Johannesburg) September 2015 to January 2016

Ms Annick van Niekerk (MSc student – University of Stellenbosch) March 2015-present

Mr. Ayodeji Adegoke (PhD student – University of Ibadan, Nigeria) May 2016-August 2016

Ms Shivani Mitra (undergraduate student, Washington University in St. Louis, USA) May 2016-July 2016

Ms Kenza Sayah (undergraduate student, Universite Paris-Est Creteil Val-de-Marne, Paris, France) 10 April to 16 June 2017